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Aquistore Seismic Equipment Detects Seismic Activity in South America
Monday, Mar. 30, 2015

Seismometer Readings of 3/10/2015 seismic event, Columbia

Seismic activity associated with oil, gas, mining, and CCS is of growing public concern. Aquistore takes these concerns seriously and has been monitoring continuously on site in advance of CO2 injection.

Aquistore’s comprehensive MMV program represents over $4M of investment and the seismic equipment includes three on-site seismometers of the same type used to record large earthquakes globally. These seismometers monitor seismic activity continuously. The raw data is being analyzed and interpreted by researchers in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan and on March 10th the seismometers picked up a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that occurred in Columbia. These seismometers are just one part of Aquistore’s seismic network which also includes a world-first permanent seismic array and fibre optic lines.

Stay tuned for more science stories from Aquistore!

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