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Opsens successfully deploys a pressure and temperature system on PTRC's Aquistore project
Tuesday, Mar. 5, 2013

Opsens Inc. ("Opsens") ( OPS.V ) is pleased to announce successful deployment and installation of its patented OPS-Z pressure and temperature technology, on the Petroleum Technology Research Centre ("PTRC") Aquistore ( ) CO2 Storage and Monitoring project in Saskatchewan, Canada .

PTRC had brought together internationally recognized expertise and interest to the Aquistore Project. The Aquistore project is of significant importance as it relates to the capture and storage of CO2 greenhouse gases.

Opsens Solutions Inc. ("Opsens Solutions"), wholly owned subsidiary of Opsens, was selected to provide downhole monitoring instrumentation and installation services on both the CO2 injection well and corresponding observation well. Opsens Solutions' technical solutions included multiple digital pressure and temperature sensors, fiber optic Distributed Temperature Sensing ("DTS"), and Opsens' patented OPS-Z technology, designed specifically for casing conveyed applications.

The deployment of Opsens Solutions' systems was significantly challenging due to the formation layers and well depths. These systems will monitor and provide zonal data on both the observation and injector wells. The premise of the OPS-Z solution is to mitigate cross-zonal communication between geological zones in casing-conveyed applications such as this.  Cement isolation between geological zones is of interest to the project to monitor subtle changes in formation pressure and temperature.

Opsens Solutions' President Tom Keegan said; "We are delighted to have contributed to the PTRC Aquistore project. Opsens Solutions has all the elements to efficiently deliver on a technical project of this type. Our dedicated technical and commercial teams' tremendous efforts resulted in great success."

With its innovative solutions for SAGD oil and gas producers, Opsens is carving itself a strong position in SAGD instrumentation and downhole monitoring, whether it is to optimize production significantly, make installations safer or monitor observation wells. Opsens Solutions' products and services are being increasingly deployed, as evidenced by the growth of Opsens Solutions' revenues over the last three years.

About Opsens Inc. (

Opsens is a leading developer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of a wide range of fiber optic solutions based on proprietary patented technologies for the measurement of pressure, temperature and other parameters. The qualities of our sensors allow us to offer measuring instruments that are effective and durable in extreme conditions. Opsens is using its competitive advantages to focus primarily on two strong growth markets: oil and gas and FFR medical instrumentation.

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